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Maruson MIC-700A

Features • Multiple LEDs indicates UPS statuses, including    normal. charging, back-up, battery low, fault,   and overload • Two boost and one buck AVR to stabilize     input voltage • Advanced battery management increases    longevity, performance, and reliability • Automatic restart of UPS while connectedto    AC power recovering • DC cold start & off mode charging function • Green power function for energy    saving (Optional) • USB communications interface with power     management software(AS models only) • 140-295VAC wide input voltage range version    (Optional for 220V models)


Maruson PRO-2200LCD

Features • Advanced battery management increases   longevity,performance, and reliability • 2 boost and 1 buck AVR to stabilize input    voltage  • LCD displays UPS status, including voltage,   load,and battery statuses • Automatic restart of UPS while AC power    recovering • Off-mode charging function • USB communications interface with power    management software • Friendly battery door design for easy batteries    replacement • DC cold start function • 140 VAC ~ 295 VAC wide input voltage range    version(Optional for 220 V model) • Green power function for energy saving    (Optional)


Maruson NET-3000 (L) RT

Features • Microprocessor-based line interactive design • Pure Sine Wave output • User-friendly and easy-shift LCD • Built-in boost and buck AVR to stabalize output voltage • Output power factor 0.8 and 3:1 crest ratio • Hot Swappable battery design • Programmable power management outlets • ECO operation for energy saving • Emergency Power Off Function (EPO) • USB & RS-232 communication available • Long run (L) models available • USB communication port with power management software and monitor UPS status • Intellegent slot allows SNMP card (optional) for remote power management


Maruson SmartNet Series NET-2000LCD

Features • 2000VA true sine wave UPS • Built-in smart charger (6 hours to 90% charged) • Charging ability at low input voltage (2 times more powerful than others) • Smart microprocessor control guarantees high reliability • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization • Off-mode auto charging • Cold start function (DC power on) • Perfect power protection for servers, point-of-sale and work stations • RJ-11/45 internet & network protection • Built-in USB RS-232 communication port • Support External SNMP adapter for remote monitoring


Maruson POF-950AU

Features • 950 VA line interactive UPS • 3 LEDs indicates UPS statuses, including   normal, charging, back-up, battery low,    fault, and overload • Advanced battery management to increase     battery longevity, performance and reliability • Two boost and one buck automatic voltage     regulator for high and low voltage • DC cold start function for greater mobility • Auto restart while AC is recovering • 2 USB charging ports for USB devices • RJ-11 / 45 combo telephone / fax / network   line protection port • Off-mode charging