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FS4 Blood Serology Medical Centrifuge Machine

It is widely used in blood serology, blood group routine detection, erythrocyte washing, microcolumn gel immunoassay and so on, which is of great significance for clinical trial and analysis. Speed range(rpm) : 0-2200rpm adjustable Max Capacity(ml) : 12 ID RCF range (xg) : 0-2200xg adjustable Noise(dBA) : ≦58dB(A) Time range : 1-99minutes adjustable Speed accuracy : ±20r/min Dimension(mm) : 460*350*265mm Net weight (without rotor) : 23KGS Power supply : AC110~240V,50/60HZ,1A,0.04KW

EQUiTEC Spain Model F151R

Benchtop Refrigerated Centrifuge F151R is the economic large capacity Blood bags centrifuge for process the single and double blood bags .which equipped the 4*800ml buckets. Specification : Speed range(rpm) : 0-5000rpm adjustable Max Capacity(ml) : 4*800ml RCF range (xg) : 0-4650xg adjustable Noise(dBA) : ≦58dB(A) Time range : 1-99minutes adjustable Temperature range(℃) : -20℃~+40℃ adjustable Speed accuracy : ±20r/min Temperature accuracy : ±2℃ Dimension(mm) : 830*665*395mm Net weight(without rotor) : 125KGS Power supply : AC220-240V,50/60HZ,10A,1.

PW-sealer BIO23

Made in Italy Description : Voltage demands : 230 ± 10% V 50/60 Hz Power consumption : 220 VA max Surge protection : Fuses no. 2 x 2,5 AT 250 V Sealing time : Adjustable 0,5 – 5,0 sec Frequency : 40,68 MHz Output rf power : 90 W/50 ohm Dimensions mm : 310(L) x 255(W) x 125(H) (incl. rf-outlet) Weight : 6,0 Kg Operation : Continuo

4±1℃ Blood Bank Refrigerator

Capacity: 268 Liters Features:- 1-inch high-brightness digital temperature display allowing temperature display reach 0.1℃. Lockable door with key to prevent from opening door without authorizing. Aluminum fined copper tube and high-effective air-cooled type evaporator. Audible and visible alarm system with high/low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, door ajar alarm, power failure alarm. 2-layer glass window door with auto defrost features ensuring temperature uniformity. Non-CFC rigid polyurethane insulation to avoid redundant heating.

Blood Bank 280 L

Capacity: 280 Liters Temperature range: 4±1°C. Temperature range should have 4±1°C, with temperature printer standard. Vertical cabinet (upright) Polyurethane insulation should be minimum 80-95 mm. Microprocessor-based temperature control system Forced air circulation system Automatic temperature control Large screen LCD display of temperature, display accuracy of 0.1°C. Digital display of upper and lower temperature, two sensors. High/low temperature alarm Door open alarm transparent door with heat preservation Inner doors with 5 units wire shelves Interior fluorescent light China good quality compressor (1unit) and fan motor

Microprocessor temperature controller China MODEL DW-YL450

'-10℃~-25℃ Model: DW-YL450 Capacity(L): 450L Input power: 320W External size (D * W * H) mm: 780x660x1850 Inside size (D * W * H) mm: 640x515x1350 Temperature range: -10℃ ~ -25℃ Drawer Qty(pc): 12 Weight (N.t): 122KG

Microprocessor temperature controller, China MODEL DW-FL439

Microprocessor temperature controller, '-10℃~-40℃ Model: DW-FL439 Capacity(L): 439 Input power: 403W External size (D * W * H) mm: 780x660x1850 Inside size (D * W * H) mm: 650×548×1304 mm Storage temperature (℃): - 10℃ ~ -40 ℃ Net/Gross Weight: 175kg/195kg