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ABL9 Blood gas anaylzer

Touch screen • Tablet-like touch screen • Highly intuitive interface • On-screen step-by-step user guidance Inlet • Self-cleaning function • Embedded light for easy sample introduction • Two positions for syringes and capillary tubes Sensor cassette • 8 parameters from 70 μL of blood • Choice of 15 to 600 test cassettes • Proven thick-film sensor technology


RAPID Lab® 348EX Blood Gas System (pH, pCO2, pO2, Na, K ) SIEMENS / USA

Technical Specifications System Overview Sample Size : Syringe: 95 µL :Capillary: 95 µL Microsample mode: 50 µL Sample Type : Whole blood Dialysate fluid Analysis time : Approximately 60 seconds to result Calibration : Automatic or on demand Input Parameters Temperature: : 10.0°C–43.9°C Hemoglobin : 2.0–25.0 g/dL FIO2 : 15.0%–100.0% Patient/Operator IDs Up to 16 characters (alphanumeric) Sample location Radial, brachial, femoral, cord, arterial line (with RAPIDComm® Data Management System) Display Interface Intuitive, icon-based color touchscreen Onboard Computer Storage : Up to 250 patient test records Capacity/Memory : Up to 90 results for each level of QC Data Export : Via integrated USB port/flash drive to PC, or direct to LIS/HIS or RAPIDComm® Data Management System Connectivity Options Serial : RS232, LIS1, LIS2, LIS3 protocol Bi-directional : Can be set up for monitoring/control and connectivity via the RAPIDComm Data Management System Peripheral Interfaces USB Port : Standard USB 2.0 external Barcode Reader : Standard USB 2.0 Environmental Temperature: 15ºC–32ºC Humidity: max. 85% at 32ºC non-condensing Barometric Pressure : 400-825 mmHg Power Requirement Rating: 80 VA Voltage: 100–240 V Frequency: 50/60 Hz General System Dimensions Width: 385 mm (15.2 in.) Depth: 353 mm (13.9 in.) Height: 382 mm (15.0 in.) Weight : 9.4 kg (20.7 lb) Approvals UL, CSA, IEC, EN-61010, CE Marked with full CB Scheme and all National Deviations. Complies with the IVD directive


The American Opticca device

The American Opticca device for measuring blood gases and blood salts. • The device works with fluorescence technology. • The Dry device does not consume solutions. • The device does not need electrodes (electrodes), so you will not need to change the electrodes every year, and you will also get rid of electrode problems, that with a clot in the sample, you will need to change the whole kit. • The device does not require daily maintenance or it remains stand by. • The device is considered Fixed cost because it is tested by test. The automatic aspiration system. • The device is equipped with a bubble detector. • The device operates blood gases + blood salts. • The device gives you the results of THB + Saturation O2 in a measured way, not calculated. The portable device is easy to move from one place to another. * Supplies needed to operate the device * • A cassette box contains 25 cards, validity from 5 to 6 months. A gas cylinder or gas bottle is enough to do 100 tests