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EMG Ultra Sound

Integrated Controls Directly from the Sierra Base Unit: Adjust image settings. Record and review snapshots and videos. Switch between B, M, Doppler and Comparison modes directly from the Sierra Base Unit. Integrated Reports Include ultrasound images and measurements in your EMG report, and store everything in the same locations. Integrated Settings Pre-define ultrasound structures in the Sierra Summit with specific image presets. Save time with labeling. Improve clarity of specific structures Integrated Workflow Switch between ultrasound and EMG or NCS with the push of a button. Include ultrasound sites in your NCS and EMG study lists Concurrent Use Use ultrasound simultaneously with any NCS or EMG protocol. Hear, see, and stim for more accurate injections and needle guidance. Combine imaging with any nerve study and create a new and unique protocol.



The Sierra Summit system includes the following hardware and software items: • Base Unit with dedicated keypad and knob controls (requires a computer) • Dual high-power speakers with software controlled equalizer • Handheld StimTroller Plus™ (3 programmable buttons, remote stim and control) • 1-12 Channel Amplifier Configurations • EMG with spontaneous, volitional, and interference pattern modes. - Unlimited buffer storage (buffer length up to 10 minutes) - Replay with audio - Buffer length up to 10 minutes - Programmable muscle scoring - EMG snapshots within reports - Motor unit analysis (manual, suggested template, or automatic online or offline) - Interference pattern analysis (clouds) - Comparison to reference values • EMG Guided Injection Protocol • NCV (motor, sensory, mixed, inching) •F Wave / H Reflex • AnatomyVIEW™ • Side-to-Side Comparisons (NCV, F, H, EP) • Blink Reflex • RNS (1 or 2 channel acquisition)